Has Walt Disney World Met It’s Match With Universal Orlando Resort?

It does not seem that long ago when Walt Disney World had the market corned on the central Florida tourism scene and all looked good for years to come. Well all that changed when a few popular names like SeaWorld and Universal Studios decided to throw their hats into the ring. The vibe was just not to long ago from Disney that this was nothing they had to worry about because they were Disney and no one could ever knock them off the top of the hill.

Well fast forward to now, actually a few years ago and lets take a look at how Universal Studios went from one park to two parks then to three parks. While Disney was riding their internal high horse and forgetting about their so-called partners, Universal was buying land, building their relationships with clients, creating cutting edge rides, working with external fan based groups and building their own signature resorts on their property all while draining the once hardened Disney traveler over to their reasonably priced vacation destination.

I have to credit where credit is due and that is to SeaWorld for their ever continued expansion and development of higher and faster rollercoasters as well as seasonal festivals. As for Universal Orlando Resort, they have been building family friendly resorts that are for actual families on a budget and can stay at without going into the poor house. Try staying at a Disney resort these days and you might have to take out a second mortgage of get a new unwanted credit card.

Disney does have a great brand and will always have a soft spot for many travelers. However they have been pretty arrogant imo in their mindset for quite sometime now and a little humility might serve them well. They seem to have forgotten overnight at the many people who helped then get to where they are today and it shows! Universal has become a force to be reckoned with and now that they have their all new Volcano Bay water perk running smooth, this will be yet another park sure to drain away business from Disney.

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